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What is the purpose of the organisation, clinical or research group? Please see notes

What is the main focus of activity of the organisation, clinical or research group?

If your organisation is a registered charity, please give the charity number and country of registration Please see notes

Is your organisation, clinical or research group part of an umbrella group?

If you are a clinical or research group, are other groups in your institution seeking membership?

In which country is your organisations main area of activity?

To what degree are patients involved in your organisations activities (e.g. Member of the governing board, committee membership etc.)

Is your organisation independent of government, political parties and commercial organisations?

If Applicant Is a Patient Organisation:

In not more than 75 words (English) please state the aims of the organisation and the work it undertakes (NB This will be the description of the objectives of your organisation and the activities that you offer, which GOLD will provide on its website, along with the link to your site) ?

Please give details of current research projects being undertaken and/or funded by your organisation.

Do you have a medical or scientific advisory committee?

Do you peer review all grant applications?

If you fund research, how much (in monetary value) was funded in each of the following years

Please give details of publications including language available and price.

Please give details of all meetings and conferences planned for 2005 onwards with dates and venues. Please indicate if these are open meetings or by invitation only, and if local, regional or international.

If Applicant Is a Clinical Group Or Treatment Centre please detail below the Research interests of laboratory/clinic

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